Bright Day Productions

Our Mission

Bright Day Production aims to bring professional tools and services to small and local businesses, giving an edge in a highly competitive world. We offer commercial-grade video production, CGI, programming, and marketing services to bring your business to the next step! Bright Day Productions is an ethically-based company, committed to treating and paying our associates and contractors to the best of our ability while keeping our prices as low as possible. Our mission is to support businesses of all sizes in reaching their goals by providing them with the necessary tools and guidance, while avoiding the shortcut-taking shortfalls of the marketing and video production industries.

Our Story

Two years ago, Bright Day Productions was founded by Bradley Fischer, a 20-year-old native Floridian and cinematography student, with the goal of providing high-quality tools like video production and marketing to small and local businesses. Fischer recognized the challenges these businesses face in competing with larger companies and wanted to give them an edge. Bright Day Productions was started, and has been growing steadily ever since, coming to add services for VFX, CGI, software development and social media marketing over the years!

Client Testimonials

"Bright Day Productions was a huge help when it came to creating, editing and posting videos to our Facebook page. The turnaround time was impressive, and the final product was exactly what we were looking for. We highly recommend Bright Day Productions for video production and other marketing services!"
"As a small business owner, I was struggling to gain traction on social media. That's when I decided to use Bright Day Productions for their marketing services. They provided me with a comprehensive plan that helped me reach a wider audience and generate more leads. They truly exceeded my expectations, and I would recommend their marketing services to anyone who wants to grow their business."
"Bright Day Productions was able to take a rough outline for an informative video our company was looking to create and went above and beyond. Bright Day Productions was able to provide professional, high-quality actors/actresses as well as create highly detailed and visually pleasing animations that showcased our product in an amazing way! This informative video was vital to marketing our product and impressed our clients tremendously. Bright Day Productions is easy to work with, can work on revisions quickly and effectively upon request, and deliver top quality work and vision."

Let's Talk About Your Ideas

Reach out to us for a quick consultation on your website, code, marketing, video production or CGI idea.